• Ramadhan Jazz Festival Logo
    Ramadhan Jazz Festival Logo

Ramadhan Jazz Festival

developed for Ramadhan Jazz Festival

 an annual musical event that aims to spread the values of Islam through jazz music. In this event, musicians perform Islamic religious songs with jazz arrangements, in order to attract middle class people who live in the Menteng area and young Muslims.

Located on Jl. Cut Meutia, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Cut Meutia Mosque was formerly the office of Dutch architect Pieter Adriaan Jacobus Moojen in 1879. The two-floor building, which was named “De Bouwploeg”, has the Netherlands’ architecture style with a square-roof and a ventilation tower in the center of the building to regulate the temperature inside.

  • Client - Ramadhan Jazz Festival
  • Date Completed - July 2011
  • Skills/Tools Used - Canon EOS 60D, Photography, Branding, Corel, Photoshop
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